If I had to define “A promenade in the darkness”, I would say it is a whirl of dreamlike images assembled in homeopathic doses with the realities of the daily life, not always being easy to determine the limit between one world and the other.

The stories composing Gonzalo Villagra’s book, introduce as a Leitmotiv the existential polarity of the human being who suffers, of the thoughtful person capable of feeling profoundly, who in a moment believes in happiness but suddenly, that state turns into the opposite, being also modified his time and space. As soon as one of the characters is sure enough to be in a certain place for a reason, life demonstrates quite the contrary and that unease is obstinately found once and again along the book.

A promenade in the darkness is a book of stories for those who love subtle horror lacking any drop of grotesque, that sort of horror coming from the monsters inhabiting our inner-self and their struggle for destroying the angel that co inhabits that very same soul, mind and body.

Raquel Barbieri (literary translator, essayist, writer and playwright)

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