“Fiction stories… this is not my stuff”—was the first thought that came to my mind when I started to read the book I had been assigned to write a review. Nevertheless, as soon as I started the task, I was aware that these stories looked very much alike my daily professional life as a clinic psychologist. Furthermore, they are very similar to my own life in different moments.

Human stories where the reality and the wondrous are bound all the time; human stories full of hope and despair, boldness and fear, encounters and failed meetings, pleasure and suffering, love and hatred, wish and frustration, humanity and divinity. Fiction stories… how much about imagination and how much about reality? Who knows? To whom it may concern?

Thus, this is human life, a mixture of all that and more, and Gonzalo knows much about it; for that reason, he projects characters (children, old people, women, men) in different situations (on the road, on the train, at the beach, in a bedroom), characters that act in known, safe, wanted and walked scenarios as well as along some other confusing, frightening and even sinister paths, as in real life.

What is sure is that the reader—as it happened to me—will feel identified, expressed and also dangerously trapped in the plot of the different stories told in the book, and perhaps, as I did, you might be able to find a turning point in your lives during the journey. What is fascinating about belonging and sharing the same human essence which at the same time matches us and differentiates us, in the tales and in reality.
During this promenade in the darkness, guided by the efficient quill of Gonzalo Villagra, the pages will be enlightening us to have an encounter with ourselves and also with the transcendent. It is sure the author will be satisfied to have accomplished one of his purposes of writing these stories.

María Elena Mamarian (psychologist, teacher and writer)

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