The Honeysuckle Rose Hotel

by Sherman Smith

Sadly, San Francisco, California, has the history and reputation of being a racist city. The year is 1948 and people of color are not allowed to live or work east of Van Ness Avenue. It isn’t a law, it’s just the way it is.

Earl and Stella Crier do not see it that way. They had been happy with their little piano bar out on the avenues until they found themselves in need of more space, so they bought an old hotel in the Tenderloin and turned it into a Private Residency for Musicians.

Earl was color blind long before he lost his sight. His love of people and the music of the era attracts an odd lot to The Honeysuckle Rose Hotel including a black trombonist, a light brown gifted songbird, a Nisei Clarinetist, another playing the bass, and a tenor saxophone player who might be the ugliest man in the world.

The hotel is not registered with the corrupt San Francisco Musician’s Union which has a closed shop policy on people of color. This soon draws the wrath of the union president. Earl, Stella, and the Honeysuckle Rose Quintet will not allow the union to destroy what they love and so begins the battle to save the Honeysuckle Rose Hotel. It is a remarkable story of courage, compassion, character, and a deep determination of a blind pianist to do what is right because it is the right thing to do.

“The Honeysuckle Rose Hotel picks up where Poets Can’t Sing left you hanging. Since I loved the original characters (Stella, Earl, Brooks, Ivory) it was great to follow along in their next adventures. And what a roller coaster ride it is. Sherman Smith weaves tales that border on the fantastic, but then develops the greater story in a way that pulls me in, chapter after chapter. You see the effects of the war on these individuals, yet also how their histories impel them to create a real family over time and circumstance. You see how the times conspire to open doors for integration in music walking the tight rope between violence and humor. He really makes me care his characters. Sherman Smith is one hell-of-a writer who feels deeply and understands the needs and yearnings of this period especially well. Time well spent!” – Carolyn Himmelfarb
The Honeysuckle Rose Hotel

by Sherman Smith

ISBN 978-91-7637-026-1

340 pages (5 x 8 Perfect Bound on Creme w/Gloss Lam)

Now internationally available at all major online and street bookstores.

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