Of all the professions and jobs I have had the best is that of becoming an author. When I was young I was challenged by dyslexia – at the time it was thought to be some form of retardation. My reading was poor, math barely serviceable, spelling just about as bad. I have never been without a book or two in hand since I learned to read. I have been an insurance agent, regional sales training instructor, executive recruiter, book store owner, deli owner, stock broker, and internet marketing director.

I started writing short stories when I was in my mid-fifties. It took three or four years before I finally was published. I tried my hand at novels, shelving the first three because they were not good enough. When I finally learned to listen to the voices of my characters, and not to that imaginary person editing over my shoulder, I shelved the writers block and published “Two Blind Men And A Fool” on line with Bewildering Later the same year (11/2014) it was published by elementa as “Poets Can’t Sing.” “Honeysuckle Rose Hotel” its sequel will be published in June, 2015. “The Changing Wind,” the final book in the series is being written.

‘Poets Can’t Sing’ has been selected by Bewildering Stories as their best novel for 2014.

The best is still to come.

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