The customized Cessna jet aircraft Sheila Stoffel is piloting experiences technical meltdown and crashes into rocky terrain mere miles from her hometown of Soleil. Horrifically injured beyond recognizable, Sheila is airlifted to the hospital where a team of specialists gather led by reconstructive surgeon…

Finalist of the Bookvana Awards 2016 – Visionary Fiction

Golden City on Fire

A thriller, written as if you were there – at the time of the Great San Francisco earthquake in 1906. It is as if you were suffering the fire and chaos, the heartbreak of such a tragedy. It is exciting and urgent, full of dramatic tension. It is a snapshot of humanity in all of its foibles – the courageous and the vile, the bigotry and the compassion. It is the best of the first four wonderful published stories by Sherman Smith. I look forward to more. — Randi Hilles, Florida

Snow Sizzling in Soleil

Snowflakes falling from a white sky drift into brilliant banks covering lawn and field. Forest floors and mountain peaks slumber beneath snow deep as an eiderdown quilt. Rooftops silently uphold white bunting like royal heads bearing ermine-trimmed crowns. Smoky puffs escaping hearths’ inferno billow through chimneys to find swift relief in snowfall’s embrace…

Finalist of the Bookvana Awards 2016 – Young Adult

The Honeysuckle Rose Hotel

You see the effects of the war on these individuals, yet also how their histories impel them to create a real family over time and circumstance. You see how the times conspire to open doors for integration in music walking the tight rope between violence and humor. He really makes me care his characters. Sherman Smith is one hell-of-a writer who feels deeply and understands the needs and yearnings of this period especially well.

Shadow's Voice

“A young girl with a checkered past and a mysterious magic power is drafted into a mission to save her kingdom… a fun, well-crafted story that fantasy readers should enjoy. The conclusion is open-ended enough to suggest at least one sequel; let’s hope Johanson delivers. An engaging, compulsively readable fantasy.” — Kirkus Reviews

Veld Girl - Cynthia Stockley: A Recreated Life

This is a biography of a woman who, for all her romances, tribulation, and despair, was determined to shape an identity for herself in a fast changing world. Cynthia Stockley, who became one of the most widely read writers of the early twentieth century, was born in South Africa in 1873. Her romantic novels and short stories sold in their tens of thousands from London to New York, Los Angeles to Sydney and Perth, to Canada, New Zealand, India, and South Africa. Her most acclaimed novel Poppy went through thirty editions and sold over a million copies. The nine silent films based on her books were shown in cities and towns all over the world.

Jaguar Ravenz King

Anabaa, midwife to Queen Latezia delivers the chloroformed royal of a prince. Joy is cut short among the midwife and her attendants, Qiaona, Constance and Lizbett when a stillborn twin expels from the queen’s womb. As Anabaa flees through secret passageways in panic with the tiny purplish-black corpse hidden in her apron events unfold and the infant miraculously revives…

The Hyperspace of Consciousness

A breakthrough in scientific, metaphysical and philosophical knowledge, this book – in light of the hypothesis that matter and consciousness are strictly connected into a single unity – presents an entirely new theory about the way in which information is non-locally propagated through an intelligent Universe and the way in which matter is created by consciousness. Quantum entanglement, synchronicity, multidimensionality, extra-terrestrial intelligence, and the true nature of what we call “spirituality”…

Rollins of Stone House

The child known simply as Rollins by way of the police report is delivered to the stone fortress that is Holy Father’s House of Lambs Found where he is settled into the shelter of young Sister Elizabeth’s arms. The chief of police tries to reassure Monsignor Philippe the child’s stay is only for the night until its parents are found…

Who's Knocking on My Door?

“Like a magician, Heller-Stern conjures up characters through the images.” – Dr. Jonathan Marks, MBA Director, Gordon Institute of Business Science, Johannesburg. “Heller-Stern’s unique, powerfully innovative use of language and style will take you on a journey to new possibilities within literature.” – Prof. David Walwyn, University of Pretoria, PhD University of Cambridge.

Willows Weeping

An enthralling American memoir about surviving foster care.

“…wrenching, powerful personal reflection of past, present and future, documenting the survival process in a manner that will be familiar and inspiring to any who come from a stifling, unsupportive family in search of achievement and success. – The essence of a life well lived against all odds is what makes Willows Weeping an ultimate success story.”–D. Donovan, Midwest Book Review

The Make-up of a Private Eye

Brilliantly written and highly original, this book brings humor, crime and mystical philosophy to enchant and tease the readers. It takes them through a virtual reality where cybernetic friends join forces, become rich and influential. Its wit is a ‘brain-cleaner’ and a refreshing breeze for the mind – an almost total lack of social correctness and very assertive in a world of brain-washed masses.

The Bridge

combines the mythology of both Bigfoot and the lost Lumerian civilization, specifically Telos of the Mt. Shasta, California area. Blending the mythology of Telos with a modern-day adventure story, Carol Draime leaves the reader with an open mind about myths from the past and how they may impact life today.

Poets Can't Sing

“Suddenly you are transported to post WWII San Francisco. A vague presence of eucalyptus and mist fill your mind. A sensory overload for the returning service men and woman. All are wounded in some way. All are seeking to heal. You are drawn into this extraordinary story…” – Geoff, Geoffrey F. Hughes, Eugene, Oregon, USA

Accidental Brownie - A Childhood Memoir

Told with humor and intelligence and a keen eye for universal truths about being young, these are stories that will delight readers and remind them of another part of life when everything seemed so much more mysterious and yet so very much simpler. – William Souder, author of Under a Wild Sky (Pulitzer Prize finalist)

A Promenade in the Darkness

Take A Promenade in the Darkness and discover the stories that let your imagination fly through different facets of reality. Enjoy a magical journey, on the thin line between good and evil: To love while being loved when circumstances and time are adverse. The author Gonzalo Villagra opens a portal to enter the unknown, allowing us to discover the different facets of the natural and the mystic.

The Sunshineboy - Memoirs of a Dancer

“I have run away from the place where I grew up to conquer the world and found my home on an island. I fulfilled my dreams, loved more men than I can remember, danced, acted, choreographed and produced, designed and managed, healed and taught…” This is the long-awaited autobiography of Hans-Christian Wagner, born in 1952. Christian, the “sunshine boy” of its title, recounts his origins in an Austrian town on the outskirts of Vienna, his career as a dancer and choreographer, …

featured author SHERMAN SMITH

“No one could tell where they were, where they were going, where land was or what threats lay ahead of them…”

GOLDEN CITY on FIRE, authored by Sherman Smith, is a historical bone-chilling recount of San Francisco’s most traumatic event, the 1906 devastating earthquake. Brilliantly written, Smith generates his research into riveting sentences sweeping the reader into the midst of hysteria and chaos as a small band of strong minds manage to keep their wits while all others are losing their sanity.

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featured author J. L. Skirvin

“Is this Heaven’s cloud I sleep on is why my eyes see only white hazy shadows
Are you saints floating here?
Stop your flight, fair silent beings!
Come closer so that I might know your strange faces!”

The customized Cessna jet aircraft Sheila Stoffel is piloting experiences technical meltdown and crashes into rocky terrain mere miles from her hometown of Soleil. Horrifically injured beyond recognizable, Sheila is airlifted to the hospital where a team of specialists gather led by reconstructive surgeon, Christophe Thomas, MD. Sheila wakens in ICU mechanically ventilated and immobile swathed in plaster casts trying to make sense of her surroundings, physical condition and state of mind as she tries to associate words spoken in conversations between the faces passing over her across the only horizon she sees; the ceiling.
Four former high school friends are reunited in an event none of them could possibly have planned.

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